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Nissin electric (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi national hi tech Development Zone. Its predecessor is Wuxi power capacitor Co., Ltd., Wuxi new Japan Motor Co., Ltd. and Japan new electric motor (Wuxi) power capacitor Co., Ltd. The company was founded in January 18, 2001, with a registered capital of 174 million 500 thousand yuan, and more than 600 employees. It includes capacitor business unit, transformer business department, technology service department, market business department and administrative department. And in 2003, 160 thousand square meters of production base and new energy research and development center were set up.


The new electric (Wuxi) Co. Ltd is a professional manufacture and sale of high voltage parallel compensation unit (set type capacitor, Univar equipment, shell type capacitor), electrified railway series compensation device, and parallel power filter, capacitor voltage transformer, and provide related services company has developed for the industry middle sales of the largest, most products, new products, complete sets of the most homogeneous most capable of supporting enterprises, and become one of the famous brand Chinese similar products the most influential in the field.
In the field of manufacturing, the company is equipped with a capacitor element such as the American HILTON company OPTIMA500 automatic production line, the Persian American company 600kV series resonant frequency voltage transformer test equipment and a number of precision testing instruments and equipment, the leading product production and testing according to international standards IEC, after years of efforts, the establishment of a complete enterprise the quality assurance system, in the industry took the lead through the ISO9001 quality certification and obtained the measurement related manufacturing license.
The company actively develops domestic and foreign electricity, electrification railways, petrochemicals, metallurgy, coal and other target markets, and has repeatedly participated in international major projects bidding, covering more than 30 Southeast Asian countries, the Middle East, Japan, the United States, Africa and other countries and regions. Kunming Lubuge Hydropower Station power transmission project, Bangladesh 144 sets of capacitive transformer, high voltage test transformer project Japan Toshiba Co equipment project, the German SIEMENS filter installation project, the Three Gorges and two hydroelectric power engineering sent has a far-reaching influence in international.
For nearly five years in the country to undertake more than 120 500kV substations and converter station project more than 350 sets of capacitors, the Three Gorges - Guangdong 500kV HVDC converter station in Jingzhou in 2003 has all the normal operation; with high quality products and new technology industry to undertake converter experience of our company successfully won the bid in your wide two HVDC converter station in Shenzhen, Northeast China and North China networking Gaoling converter AC filter field equipment in the project; electrified railway line, Beijing, Zheng Jiao Zhi line, Nanning Kunming line and the recent railway, Luo Zhang line national utilization of foreign investment projects in the successful introduction of new technology products company.
The era of product quality will be coming. At this time, the quality of service has become the key factor of the success or failure of enterprises. Standing in the customer's position and considering the problems and creating uniqueness will be our service direction. The company has formed three main service centers, which are Beijing, Guangdong and Jiangsu. The establishment of these institutions will radiate the service map of North China, northeast, northwest, central China, Southern China and East China, providing a guarantee for prompt service and accurate transmission of information. In all projects, the company should control and plan in advance, strictly select material, production, test, installation and maintenance, and strive for zero fault.
Based on the China adhering to business philosophy, to expand the global companies in pursuit of innovation, cutting-edge technology and durable products for the purpose, the use of efficient operation, the implementation of brand strategy, to provide more value-added services to enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises, achieve the transition from products to the internationalization of enterprise internationalization.

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