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After-sale service

1. On behalf of the company's service personnel, according to the time required by the user to the scene, and the number of users together to check the integrity of the products and accessories;

2. Responsible for reporting the damaged products and accessories to the company, reissued to the site in time to ensure the progress of the site.

3. Provide on-site installation guidance, instructions for the use of products and maintenance methods to explain and train

4. Assist users to solve all kinds of unexpected problems in the field, and actively provide technical support that can be achieved.

5. Confirm and check the installation wiring of the equipment;

6. participate in the operation of the user's equipment to help deal with the problems arising in the transportation.
7., we will make a telephone visit in time after the end of users, investigate users' satisfaction with products and services, publish and evaluate the survey results, and constantly correct and improve them.
8. to the user's rationalization proposals in time to transfer and relevant departments, to determine the corrective measures after timely notification to the user, the user has the right to know;
9., in the field service, we will set up detailed archival materials for users substations, one stop and one volume, and regularly track the quality, so as to accelerate the speed of reflection and improve the service efficiency.
10., the leaders of the company visit the users regularly, listen to customers' opinions on the company's product quality and service attitude, supervise the quality of the products and service quality of the service staff, and constantly improve and improve.

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